As your event professional, we are always thinking ahead and creating the next client experience.  Virtual events have been around for many years and now more than ever, events are making the pivot to online solutions.  We want to keep your clients and guests engaged, entertained and feel they are there in person.  As your virtual event partner we have the knowledge and experience to execute anywhere; from your home, from your office and around the globe.

Live Streaming

Live streaming gives you the option to record and broadcast your event in real time. We can pull together prerecorded and scripted content and weave it in with live presentations from a variety of speakers. We provide dynamic backdrops, overlays and virtual settings that give your audience the feeling of being right there in person. And we can accommodate audiences from 10 to 20,000. We explore all programming options with you from speakers, to content, to networking opportunities to entertainment.


Whether it is a private concert or entertainment that serves as a component of your overall virtual program we have a myriad of options to excite your guests. Think your audience would appreciate a little wizardry with a magic workshop or how about a sommelier to guide your guests through the art of wine or perhaps a live concert with a renowned artist? We can bring all of this and more in a virtual platform that will help to create an unforgettable experience.


No need to ditch the dress. Virtual fundraisers are an amazing avenue to generate support for your mission. Your guests can still get dressed up. We’ll send the care package complete with messaging from your organization and your sponsors and if you wish, all the ingredients to put together their own gala dinner. And because your fundraiser is streamed live, it affords you and us the options of streaming via social media platforms to increase your audience reach. So, instead of that sit-down dinner for 250, it can become a virtual fundraiser with 500 participants or more; bidding, buying and paddle raising all from the comfort of home.

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