Did you know, 75% of B2B marketers list in-person events as their top marketing tactic, above blogging and social media. As many as 8 out of 10 people who take part in a marketing event pass that experience on to someone else. The perpetuation of word of mouth advertising is invaluable. Not only does it spread the word exponentially but the popularity creates an additional buzz. We are brand personification professionals with the ability to skillfully craft an experience that builds excitement and loyalty to your products and services.

Theme Development

The look and feel of your event is critical in order to appeal to your demographic. We take a look at who the client is targeting, the product or service they will showcase and look at creative ways to merge their demographic’s desires with the product or service they will experience. Our aim is to craft an experience as unique as the product offering itself.


Event Branding

Once we have developed the theme, the next step is to create an event logo, graphics and collateral with the curb appeal to build excitement with the intended audience. This is where your audience will connect to the event during the promotional phase; building on brand awareness, making it relatable, creating customer loyalty as well as an emotional and mental connection.


Marketing & Promotions

Our goal is to raise awareness about your event while simultaneously raising awareness of your brand. We work with our clients to create a promotional timeline and campaign leading up to the event. We’ll incorporate direct mail and email, social media, press releases, incentives and tickler campaigns to entice attendees.

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